SKY RICH FASHION LIMITED has established its business since year 2001 and is headquartered in Hong Kong.

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting the production of innovative garments. Our purpose is to develop and produce the original designs of our customers who are high-level fashion brands in the European (or eventually, International) market.Our knowhow is the manufacturing of high quality garments for different womenswear brands.

Our own production line for wovens is located in Baoan, Shenzhen. Our technicians and skilled workers have the expertise to make the most fashionable and innovative styles that combine different types of fabrication and process. With our unique experience, our active market observation and high sense of fashion, we source a wide range of fabrics, trims and accessories to develop and enhance our customers collections. Our team of merchandisers work closely with top designers to ensure our clothes offer the style, sophistication and performance of today's trends.

In addition, Sky Rich has very close connections and strong business relations with subcontractors who produce high quality sweaters, leather and down garments. We encourage our partners to commit to continuous innovation through investment in research and development, which provides us with the technological edge that guarantees solid delivery performance and great looking finished products!

After many years in the industry, we cater to the needs of our many loyal and diversified customers, each with their own styles. We thus have acquired the capacity to produce varied products that fit in specific categories, namely Classic Chic, Trendy Fashion and Everyday Basics.